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Penn State Health Medical Group in
State College is a family practice
in the truest sense.

Our physicians treat the whole family, from infants to seniors, and are well-versed in all aspects of family care.

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Care is best when doctors have firsthand knowledge of the family medical history.

Family medicine is easiest for you when it's just that - family medicine. So if you're a parent, take advantage of our family physicians with pediatric training for your kids' checkups, treatments and care.

Get whole-family care in one location.

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Benefits of comprehensive care from one family doctor:


Medical issues more
readily solved with
knowledge of
family history and
recent ailments

Children can continue
with the same
doctors as they
grow older 

Easier to track
and treat hereditary

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Whether it’s orthopaedics, cardiology, dermatology, 
or gastroenterology – Penn State Health Medical Group 
offers expert care with the convenience of home.

Penn State Health Family Medicine
Benner Pike: 814-272-5660  |  Park Avenue: 814-235-2480
Colonnade:   814-272-4445  |  Windmere:     814-689-4980

Penn State Health Family Medicine
Benner Pike:  814-272-5660
Park Avenue: 814-235-2480
Colonnade:    814-272-4445
Windmere:     814-689-4980