Hip, Knee or Shoulder Injury


We know how difficult a hip, knee or shoulder injury can make everyday life. Are you experiencing regular joint pain and discomfort, or dread just going up or down stairs? Hip and knee pain are very common in active adults. With heavy use and wear over time, arthritis in the hips and knees can occur faster than anticipated. An injury hastens joint deterioration even more. The loss of the smooth cartilage surface of joints exposes bone and results in pain, stiffness and deformity.

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Relieving discomfort is necessary for the future of your physical performance and overall well-being. The award-winning physicians at Penn State Sports Medicine, a part of Penn State Health, can help and provide you with world-class care. Our surgeons offer the latest technologies and specialize in restoring function to individuals or athletes of any level. From orthopedic surgery through recovery and physical therapy, our providers are here to help meet your unique health care needs.

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